Nutrifit Cereal Bars

Nutrifit is a guiltless pleasure that matches your busy lifestyle.
All our bars are made with a balanced formula of fibers, protein and carbs.

Benefits of Nutrifit:

• Designed by the largest R&D company in the world.

• Provides a balanced diet of fibers, protein and carbs.

• Contains Natural fibers extracted from chicory roots that help digestion.

• Nutrifit Fibers help break the sugar component in your snack.

• It Acts as a prebiotic which boosts energy.

• Its Proteins are highly satiating and reduce your crave for junk food.

• Can be taken as a snack or a light sports bar.

• Comes in different flavors:

• Granola Hazelnut Bar

• Cinnamon & Apple Muesli Bar

• Strawberry Flakes Bar

Stay fit with Nutrifit balanced bars

Q. How are Nutrifit balanced bars despite of the sugar?
A. The bars are balanced in the ratios between fibers, proteins and carbohydrates. They contain a minimal amount of white sugar. Part of the sweetness also comes from the extra fibers.
Q. I noticed that the protein in Nutrifit bars is about 7 g, is this considered high, is it possible to decrease it?
A. The proteins in the bar are balanced with the fibers and carbs. The body needs about 50g of protein (150g of meat) daily which you will have to manage with the rest of your diet ( eggs, meats etc..). However you have 7g handy in the bar to boost you at any time of your liking. The protein will also get you full and will reduce the craving for other snacks until you get to your proper meal.
Q. Is the company going to join the direction of Health, Fitness, and sports products ?
A. It has always been the companies interest to provide healthier products to our consumers. With Nutrifit we have started to study the matter more technically to support sports needs while maintaining the simplicity for everyday consumption. For real hard sports we have a big surprise coming up which you will find about soon as well.
Q. Do you have any plans to produce new items in Nutrifit?
A. We will surely not stop innovating and will give our best to keep coming with the best products.
Q. How is the bar considered balanced despite the dehydrated fruits i.e. strawberry?
A. We use natural fruits that have only been dried. Fruits are naturally balanced between fibers and carbs (i.e. sugars)
Q. How many bars are allowed on daily basis to maintain my weight and to avoid any weight gain?
A. You have to listen to your body! You surely also consume other foods and sweets besides these bars. The bars could be a healthy and filling snack any time. They would also be ideal for exercising where you will be really benefiting from the proteins.
Q. What are good ratios of protein, fiber and carbohydrates and do they compare to the ones indicated on Nutrifit package?
A. On average the proteins should be about 0.8g per kg of the bodyweight per day, the fibers about 25g and about 250g of carbohydrates. This is based on a 2000 calorie diet for example. The nutrients in the Nutrifit bars will give you about 4-7% of the fibers you need, about 7% of your crabs and 12-14% of your proteins
Q. I'm on a Diet and want to know if Nutrifit will help me lose weight?
A. Nutrifit will not make you lose weight. It is a balanced bar that you can have without worries and can consider it a part of a healthy meal. It may help your diet but improving your digestive system thanks to the fibers and by creating a ‘satisfied’ feeling that results from the protein.
Q. Should I work out to be able to eat Nutrifit bar?
A. You will surely benefit more from the bars if you work out. However it is not a must to work out in order to have a bar.
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